Really remarkably be able
Tuesday, 18 October 2011 18:28

Really remarkably be ableI simply assume that too often the typical Christian feels that while it or it goes to church on Sunday morning and then tries to live decent other part of the life of time when they live the life, serving to the Christ. But it not so! Service to the Christ demands much more, than it. Service to the Christ with our lives means that we will be true to religion services as is frequent, as for us it is possible to watch. It means that, visiting religion service, Sunday school, Research of the Bible of the middle of week etc. - our privilege. Not that we will watch if something else doesnt approaches. We should impart to visit all these cases, to worship and praise God. The unique time when we should pass one of them, - when we cannot simply watch! Service to the Christ with our lives means that we take it to work with us every day. I cannot assume to have work that I could not speak about the Christ with others. I understand that often we should be perfect with that whom we tell about the Christ for many, will simply not accept the instruction in formation by the Christian. However, we should look for always possibility to tell to our colleagues about Jesus and that It means for us. Then there are what we work with it, Christians also. Really remarkably be able speak about the Christ with those, we work with and to divide with each other. I do not speak about ignoring of our duties of work.

It is important, that we gave to our employers good day work for money which we receive. But always there are times and possibilities to testify for the Christ.